Oct. 24 - Nov. 24, 2019

video by mOdat Productions, 2019

Download the 2019 Lives of Artists exhibition catalogue by John Ransom Phillips!

John Ransom Phillips' Revelatory 'Lives of Artists' Exhibition Opens This Month in Brooklyn (October 14, 2019):
"And that's what 'Lives of Artists' so generously offers the viewer - a chance to be a fly on the wall of the dreaming world of so many of the great artists who shaped the modern and contemporary eras. They, in-effect, invaded John Ransom Phillips' dreams, so that he may invade theirs. And then with those spiritual barriers removed, he interpreted the exchange in a way that is utterly revelatory, to say the least."
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BlackBook's Ken Scrudato (April 14, 2019):
"What came through immeasurably in his work was an ardent sense of the spiritual and metaphysical. On this subject, he cites the likes of Rembrandt, Caravaggio, da Vinci and Joseph Beuys, with whom he shares a dedication to exploring, as he puts it, “the complex interaction of mind, body and spirit.” This exploration of the “inner world” is especially poignant at a time when so many young artists are focused on the use of unusual materials, or instead on the expression of fervent socio-political statements."
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The Lives of Artists series by John Ransom Phillips explores the visions of great creative makers. Troubled souls and creative prodigies endure perils few will know, using them, or being used by them, to render artifacts that withstand the test of time. This series investigates what could move these icons to perceive influences surrounding them, particularly their interior landscapes, giving us what we know them for today. Artists like William Blake the visionary, the tortured Francis Bacon, primitive Henri Rousseau, scrupulous Mondrian, myopically driven Leni Riefenstahl, and the singularly possessed Orson Welles. Using magic only they could wield, they seduce us into the mysteries they labor and give birth to.