Eve & Adam (Making It)

Did you know that Adam was partnered with another woman before Eve? Lilith is her name and she is chiefly remembered today as a harpy or worse, a witch. Her crime was that since she had been created from the same dust and at the same time as Adam, she demanded to be treated as an equal. Our play introduces Eve as the leader of a successful feminist movement and Lilith as her Iago and confidant. They occupy an island of women, which is only periodically visited by men. Adam is such a visitor and he arrives to sell his sex furniture, which he is persuaded enhances equality in love making. We soon discover that equality between the sexes though vigorously defended by everyone is never what anyone wants. Lilith will soon supplant Eve and replace Adam. Eve will reject Adam and Adam will murder Eve’s unnamed and genderless child (who, may be his son.) A contemporary version of Euripides’ Medea, Eve & Adam reshuffles action and character. The chorus appears as eternal followers who divulge the impact of digital technology on gender and equality.


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